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Tá aistriúchán an tsuímh gréasáin seo idir lámha

Maor Madraí

Ceadúnas Madraí

Owning a dog, also means owning a licence, we ask that you abide by this as all dogs over four months old are legally required to be licenced. Puppies under four months should still be kept with their mother and do not need a licence until they are over four months old and separated from her. 

All puppies must be microchipped and registered. Purchasers should not buy or accept a dog without a certificate of registration. If taking ownership of a dog it must have a Microchip Certificate of Registration completed with the new owner’s details and sent to the appropriate database for re- registration. 

Apply for a Dog Licence here


  • Aithint Madraí

    Dogs must always wear a collar, and it is required that the collar displays the owner’s contacts details inscribed on it or on a plate, badge or disc.  

    Should your dog go missing, having “microchipped” on the collar or disc is useful – but only include it if your dog has been microchipped. 

  • Cineálacha ceadúnas madra agus costas
    • Ceadúnas madra aonair (athnuachan bliantúil) - €20.00
    • Ceadúnas Saoil Madra a mhairfidh ar feadh saol an mhadra - €140.00
    • Ceadúnas Ginearálta Madra – a cheadaíonn do dhuine líon neamhshonraithe madraí a choinneáil ag áitreabh atá sonraithe sa cheadúnas - €400
  • Cén chaoi is féidir liom íoc as mo cheadúnas madra?
    • Is féidir Ceadúnais Saoil agus Ceadúnais Aonair Madra a cheannach HERE 

    • In person from your local Post Office 

    • Is féidir ceadúnais ghinearálta a cheannach trí Chomhairle Contae Mhaigh Eo, Áras an Chontae, Caisleán an Bharraigh

  • Micrishliseanna

    Microchipping of dogs brings a range of benefits which includes reuniting dogs with their owners. In Ireland, there are four approved databases:  

    • Fido 
    • Animark 
    • Irish Kennel Club  
    • The Irish Coursing Club (Micro Dog ID) 

    The dog owner should have their contact details registered on a Government approved database and have a microchip Certificate of Registration to prove it.  

Ar ais go barr


Tá aistriúchán an tsuímh gréasáin seo idir lámha