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How We Help

Going Global

Accessing the US Market

We work with businesses that have an ambition to trade internationally. This support is delivered through the Enterprise & Invest Unit of Mayo County Council, in partnership with the Littus programme based in Philadelphia, USA.

Littus, from the Latin for “landing place”, is a services-based soft landing platform supporting companies entering the US market. 

Littus facilitates connection with the specialty service providers, sales channel partners, and prospects needed to efficiently scale up a business’ US operations.

The programme gives international companies (and companies thinking of expanding internationally) the advantage of leveraging local expertise across all necessary areas of infrastructure to efficiently establish and grow their business in their target markets. 

Landing Services

Here is what Landing Services can do for your business:

Legal – business employment contracts, intellectual property 

Americanise product offering and display – dollar denominated website 

Networking opportunities to use Irish connection (also Consular and Governmental)

Due digilence on type of entry – organic or acquisition 

Insurance – General liability, workman’s compensation, product

Necessary financial resources – banking facilities, financing needs

Governmental incentives at Federal State and local levels


Site selection – incubate in initial location prior to final location selection

Employees – access human resource provider and consultants 

Record keeping – back room in Ireland or USA

Visa appropriate selection vitally important 

Immigration attorney to assist with visas

Corporate structure and agreements 

Efficient tax compliance structures – Federal, State and Municipal 

Select USA – Contact US Embassy 


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