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Oifig na Gaeilge

Mayo is a proud Gaeltacht county with a vibrant Irish speaking community. Our office fosters and promotes the use of Irish in the county and assists in the development and implementation of the Local Authority’s bilingual policy. 

The Gaeltacht areas of Iorras, Acaill and Tuar Mhic Éadaigh are rich in folklore, writing, music, historical and archaeological sites and most importantly, are areas of the spoken Irish language. We are committed to the protection of the County's unique linguistic heritage and to the promotion of Irish as the community language in its Gaeltacht areas.‌ 

There is also a significant Irish speaking community outside of the Gaeltacht areas, with over 44% of the County's population describing themselves as Irish speakers in the most recent census. 

If you are looking for information on the Irish language in Mayo, specific events to promote Irish or how you can learn the language then follow the links. 

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