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Strategic Development Zone

What is a Strategic Development Zone (SDZ)? 

A Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) is an area of land that is proposed to contain developments of economic or social importance to the State.  The designation of a site as an SDZ is a decision of the Government, following a proposal by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. 

The SDZ at Ireland West Airport Knock (IWAK) demonstrates a strong commitment by Government in acknowledging the importance of IWAK as a critical driver of regional economic development in the North West Region (NWR).    The designation is to facilitate enterprise and business development in tandem with the growing transport role and needs of the Airport  

Vision for IWAK  

The vision for IWAK SDZ is that of a dynamic regional airport  and business campus, that grows and promotes its established travel and tourism sectors in tandem with a vibrant and vital business and enterprise hub that in time will become an essential part of the business and economic environment of the West and North West.   

IWAK has the potential to become a regionally focused business destination that is well connected both locally and internationally by means of air travel and ease of access to the national motorway network.    

The development and expansion of the airport and its aviation related industries & education/training will be an important feature of IWAK. The growth of the Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) sector and associated financing and leasing industries will be facilitated and promoted.    

The airport location can become an exemplar of a new and distinctive regional airport business model that is easily accessed by local and international industry in a unique rural setting.  It will provide a modern, spacious, strategically located business campus in a sublime landscape.     

Quality of environment and sensitivity to the setting is a significant feature of the Planning Scheme.  IWAK SDZ will provide green infrastructure, sustainable urban drainage (SUDs) and energy and climate change mitigation.   

It will provide a new business and enterprise hub in the form of a campus in which to cultivate and establish new business and innovative industries that harnesses the benefits of living and doing business in the West of Ireland.  It will provide hotel and conference facilities that compliments the business climate of the airport location. 

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