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Community and Integrated Development

Pride of Place

IPB Pride of Place is a unique opportunity for community groups to be officially recognised on an all-island basis for the valuable work undertaken in their local areas. Entry is by way of county, city, borough or district council nomination only.

Past entrants in Pride of Place have included groups involved in a wide variety of activities across the social spectrum. The common thread is the impact and difference made in peoples’ lives.



The final stages of judging for the 2020 IPB Pride of Place Competition in Mayo will take place between 18th and 21st August 2020.

IPB Pride of Place Competition in association with Co-Operation Ireland, is an all island competition organised by Co-operation Ireland and Local Authorities.  The purpose of the competition is to acknowledge the work being done every day by communities all over the island of Ireland.

Mayo County Council has selected four Groups to nominate for Pride of Place 2020.  The Groups are:

  1. Belcarra                                                             Population Category 2 (300 – 1000)


  1. Westport Men’s Shed

“Mens Health and Wellbeing Programme”      “Community Wellbeing Initiative”


  1. Ballina Lions Club                                              Population Category 5 (> 5,000)


  1. Ballyhaunis Community Project

“Celebrate Diversity”                                        “Creative Place Initiative”


For 2020, Pride of Place is going ahead in a different way. While judging will take place in July/August; unfortunately, this year there will be no visit from the judges.  Instead they will meet with participants and community representatives “virtually” from each area.

A comprehensive submission form has already been completed by groups.  This is followed by “the Judges Call” online.  The “Judges Call” will consist of a questions and answers from the Judges to the groups giving the entrants an final opportunity to highlight the aspects of their community/initiative of which they are particularly proud and the reason why they deserve an IPB Pride of Place award.

Last year, Mayo had four National Winners; Straide won the best overall award in Special Category, Ballinrobe were runners up in Category 4 (2,000 to 5,000 population), Knock were runners up in Category 3 (1,000 to 2,000 population) and the Age Friendly Intergenerational Project were runners up in the Age Friendly Initiative.


  • Competition

    Nominees are selected by Mayo County Council in the months of February, March and April. Over the summer The IPB Pride of Place Judges will conduct a site visit to each of the nominees

    During the two day visit the judges will visit and meet with participants and community representatives in each area.

    The visit will consist of a formal presentation by each of the entrants highlighting the aspects of which they are particularly proud and the reason why they deserve an IPB Pride of Place award. This is followed by a short tour of the project or area of interest.


  • Entry Criteria

    In 2019 there was five population categories, four thematic categories, three non-population categories making twelve categories in total.

    Each Local Authority may nominate groups in up to a maximum of five categories in all and one entry only in any individual category.

    Category       Population

    1                     0- 300

    2                     300 – 1,000                                                        

    3                     1,000 – 2,000                                    

    4                     2,000 – 5,000                                                    

    5                     Over 5,000

    Category       Theme

    6                     Creative Place Initiative

    7                     Community Wellbeing Initiative

    8                     Community Youth Led Initiative

    9                     Community Tourism Initiative

    Category       Non-Population

    10                   Housing Estates

    11                   Islands and Coastal Communities

    12                   Urban Neighbourhoods



  • Prize Details

    Prizes will be awarded in each category as follows:

    • 1st Prize is a large trophy and a cash prize of €1,000 or stg equivalent.
    • Runners-up will also receive a trophy and a cash prize of €500 or stg equivalent.


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