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Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture

Railway Walk Embankment

Community gardening projects have contributed a great deal to the collective quality of life over the last decade, sometimes in unexpected ways. Firstly, they present opportunities to increase biodiversity and aid in the conservation of vital pollinators. Their contribution towards community interaction is strengthened, by community gardening’s inclusivity. Gardening is one of the few activities that people from all walks of life can engage in. Their benefit was seen greatly during the Covid-19 lockdowns, where they afforded people an opportunity to meet and still to be socially distanced.

The railway embankment was a patch of waste land that has been developed into an active and thriving section along the Greenway Railway Walk, where it is admired by all. Originally the work was done by the GIY group in Westport and it was a way for some of Westport’s newer residents to be part of the community and to become involved. It proved a wonderful asset during lockdown, as so many people were out and about and able to enjoy the results. A plaque was erected there to bring attention to the work done by community members.

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