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Greenway to Turlough

The Great Western Greenway - Castlebar Network

The Great Western Greenway – Castlebar Network (National Museum – Lough Lanngh – Rehins Wood) follows the Castlebar River and runs parallel to the N5, it takes in a section of Castlebar town and continues along the line of the river until it connects with Lough Lannagh, it follows a portion of the lake and eventually connects to a beautiful woodland located near Islandeady.  The trail offers a pleasant mix of fields, riverside woodlands, small sections of quiet country back roads and urban settings.  This greenway forms part of a network of Greenways and cycle network around Mayo.

The Greenway has been designed for shared use by leisure walkers, joggers and cyclists and is suitable for people with easy to moderate levels of fitness.  The route is mainly traffic-free and off- road with a solid surface, either tarred or compacted and can be used to commute to and from school or work. The Greenway is waymarked using blue text and symbols on a white background panel.  It is recommended that hybrid or a mountain bike be used along this trail.  All dogs must be on a lead and under control.

Click here for more information on the Great Western Greenway.

Active Travel

Active Travel does not just have great benefit to our planet, it also has great benefit to our people.

What is Active Travel

Active Travel is travelling with a purpose using your own energy.

Generally, this means walking, scooting (non-motorised) or cycling as part of a purposeful journey. It is often the case that active travel can be seamlessly built into everyday life as part of normal daily routines. Walking as part of a commute to work, cycling to the shop or scooting to school are all considered active travel.

Walking, scooting or cycling for purely leisure purposes is not considered Active Travel.

Active Travel Benefits

Active Travel will play an important role in addressing the traffic and environmental challenges we face but will also offer people healthier lifestyles and can bring real benefits to our local economies.

Benefits Include:

  • Physical & Mental Health improvements – Active Travel has clear benefits for us in terms of our physical health but will also greatly improve our mental health.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions – By reducing our car journeys, we can reduce pollution and make our public realms cleaner and healthier places to use.

  • Save Money – You can make savings by using your bike or walking. The Bike to work scheme also provides tax relief for people who cycle to work.

  • Safer Routes to Schools – Congestion at the school gates is often a major issue, Active Travel can help to create safer access options.

  • Reduce Traffic Congestion – Increased Active Travel will result in reduced traffic volumes - leading to less traffic congestion.

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