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Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture

Ballina Civic Offices

The All of Government Climate Action Plan 2021  sets out a number of actions for local authorities.

Some of these actions include:

  • Increasing the energy efficiency of public buildings by 50%.
  • Achieving a BER “B2” rating or better.
  • Reducing our carbon emissions by 50%.

Mayo County Council are working towards meeting these ambitious targets for all our public buildings including the Civic Offices in Ballina by implementing efficiency projects such as behavioural change initiatives, installing LED lighting, fabric insulation upgrades, heating and lighting systems and controls and through renewable energy installations.

Lighting Retrofit

We're working to transform how we light our building and workspaces and moving to LED lights is driving down electricity demand and reducing harmful carbon emissions.

Over 400 florescent lights have been replaced with LED lights and a number of motion sensors have been installed to turn of lights in areas not used often. This has reduced the energy in the building by approximately 75% and saved approximately 37 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

A useful guide for businesses looking to upgrade their lighting to LEDs has been developed by SEAI and can be downloaded HERE.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Increasing the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads is one of the Government’s key interventions in the move to reduce fossil fuel energy consumption and GHG emissions. In this regard, LAs can demonstrate exemplary behaviour by investing in and developing sustainable transport.

Electrifying the LA fleet where technology, cost differential and resources allow, and assisting with the provision of EV charging infrastructure are two important areas where LAs can make a significant contribution to the national decarbonisation effort.

Mayo County Council have installed 2 EV Charging Points as a first step in decarbonising our fleet and facilitating our staff move to EVs.

Behavioural Change Initiatives

Mayo County Council are engaging with the Optimising Power @ Work programme, which is an OPW run energy awareness campaign which aims to change staff behaviour towards energy use and eliminate energy wastage in buildings. Further information on the programme can be found HERE.

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