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Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture

Climate Action Signage

Mayo County Council in conjunction with the Climate Action Regional Office have developed a Climate Action Signage Strategy to create awareness of the climate action and biodiversity measures being delivered across the county.  

One of the aims of the Climate Action Strategy is to highlight some of the actions being implemented and supported by the council to help reduce emission, build resilience to the impacts of climate change and to protect and enhance our biodiversity. The signage will raise awareness of some less obvious actions, and in particular help build knowledge and awareness around the role of nature-based solutions in tackling climate change. 

The Strategy includes a strong climate action branding that is hoped will be become recognizable to the public as a point of information on climate action undertaken at that location. Central to the strategy is the use of QR Codes that will be linked to more detailed information on the specific site and relevant climate action initiative.

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