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Mayo Fire Service


Camp West (Computer Aided Mobilisation Project) since the establishment in 2004 centralised the call talking procedure for the Fire Service in the West of Ireland.

Mayo County Council was selected as the lead authority and CAMP West was established at the Fire Service Headquarters, Castlebar, Co. Mayo serving the fire authorities of the following six County Councils:

  • Donegal County Council
  • Galway County & City Council
  • Leitrim County Council
  • Mayo County Council
  • Roscommon County Council
  • Sligo County Council
Map of WRCC Area

Prior to the installation and integration of the West Regional Communications Centre (WRCC), emergency calls requesting the fire service were routed to the local Station Officers home where they and their families took the details of the emergency call and mobilised the local crew to provide the required assistance.

Within WRCC, the fire authorities are primarily a retained fire service with one wholetime fire service based in Galway City centre. The islands of Donegal, Mayo and Galway are also managed by retained fire crews.

WRCC Mission: To assist in the prevention of loss of life and the prevention/reduction of damage to property through fire or other accidents and emergencies. The provision of the most effective and efficient call taking, mobilising and communications centre possible within the resources available.

WRCC will achieve its mission by;

  • Providing a dedicated emergency services call taking centre for members of the public requiring Fire Brigade within the Western region.
  • Identifying the precise address where assistance is required and mobilise the closest appropriate resources/appliance that is available.
  • Providing accurate, timely and up to date Management Information to all participating agencies.
  • Providing a co-ordinating and information dissemination service for the fire and local authorities during major emergencies.
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