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About Us

Since 2004, West Regional Communications Centre (WRCC) has grown and installed new technology such as the national Tetra Radio Network, to better serve the people of the Western Region and greatly improve communications between fire service personnel and the Control Centre. At present WRCC is preparing to move to a new generation of mobilising technology that will bring about a nationalised mobilisation structure. This project which is overseen by the Ctri Project Board and established by the Management Board of the NDFEM (National Directorate for Fire & Emergency Management) to deliver the next generation of fire service communications and mobilisation systems in Ireland.

Currently the three regional systems are transitioning to a new command and control technology to allow a single National system in the three Regional Communications Centre’s West Regional Communications Centre (WRCC), Munster Regional Communications Centre (MRCC) & East Regional Communications Centre(ERCC). This technology will facilitate the standardisation of our national technological systems and operational processes. It is envisioned that this new system will be live in the West Regional Communications Centre in 2022. The three Regional Centres will be interconnected and capable of despatching, monitoring and communicating with each other’s Fire Service resources. The system will operate to common national standards in all aspects of its operations, technical configurations, staffing and structure.

West Regional Communications Centre (WRCC) provides support on a regional level and nationally, we work collaboratively with the two other Regional Centres in Leinster (ERCC) based in Dublin and Munster (MRCC) based in Limerick & finally Ulster under the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue service (NIFRS) based in Lisburn, Co. Antrim


All local authorities in the Connaught region and Donegal finance a portioned amount of funds for the day to day running costs of WRCC. This is based on their percentage of regional annual incidents and their percentage of the regional population. All national projects (e.g. Camp West and Ctri) are supported by way of grant aid by the Department.

Management Information Systems

WRCC provides critical information to the Fire Authorities of the six County Councils on an ongoing basis. This information and reporting provide the Fire Authorities with details on the daily, monthly and annual activities of the Fire Service within each County. Internal performance is also analysed using our Management Information System allowing WRCC to monitor our quality processes and provide a high-quality service to the general public.

Quality Assurance and ISO Certification

WRCC takes steps daily to ensure that we are delivering the best possible Fire Service mobilising system and high level of customer service to the citizens of the Western Region. There are many procedures in place to ensure that staff are fully trained and up to date on all upcoming projects.

Since 2018, WRCC has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard certification and we are proud to say that WRCC has been recertified each year since then.

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