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Mayo County Council supports two types of public recycling infrastructure, Bring banks (Bottle banks) and Civic Amenity Centres.  

Bring Banks (Bottle Banks) 

Mayo County Council provides bring banks, strategically located across the County, allowing householders to recycle clear, green and brown glass and aluminium drink cans.  

  • Please note it is not necessary to remove paper labels but remember to remove foil labels, corks, rings and caps.   
  • Please rinse out your recyclable items before placing them in the bring bank.  
  • Clothes banks are often also located at these locations for accepting clean re-wearable clothes. Duvets or Pillows are not accepted in the Clothes banks. 

Please do not abuse these facilities by leaving rubbish or waste at them.  Littering is an offence under the Litter Pollution Act and you could be liable to an On-the-Spot Fine of €150.    

If a bank is full, please call 01- 6854400 (Rehab glassco) for the banks to be emptied. 

If you wish to report littering of a bring bank, please contact the Environment Section on 094 9064000 or email stating the location of the bring bank. 

The locations of Bottle Banks can be found on

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