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Waste Management

Waste Collection

Waste Collection Permits

The Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2016, require all collectors of waste to hold a valid waste collection permit. This permit contains conditions which specify the waste types allowed to be collected, the vehicles to be used and the hours of operation as well as many other conditions.  

Full details of all permits are available from The National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO), Offaly County Council, Tullamore, Co Offaly, by telephone 057 935 7428 or 

Waste Facility Permits 

Under the Waste Management Regulations, Mayo County Council has a responsibility to issue waste facility permits or certificates of registration to applicants who wish to engage in waste recovery or recycling activities at designated sites in Mayo. Waste facilities in Mayo which are not regulated by Mayo County Council are licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

It is deemed an offence to deposit or accept waste materials at a facility which does not have a local authority permit or an EPA licence. 

If you are using a facility to deposit or recover waste or recyclable goods, ensure that the waste facility holds a current waste facility permit, certificate of registration or waste license which authorises the acceptance of waste.  

To apply for a Waste Facility Permit or Certificate of Registration please click here

For further details on waste facility permits or certificates of registration please contact the Environment Section at 094 – 9024444.  

Planning permission must be obtained in advance of a waste permit being issued. 

Each waste type is given a code called a List of Waste (LoW) code. A full list is available here

Waste Management Bye–laws 

Mayo County Council adopted the Waste Management Bye Laws (Segregation, Storage and Presentation of Household and Commercial Waste) 2020 on 14th September, 2020.

These Bye Laws come into force and have effect from Monday 19th October, 2020.

The Waste Management Bye Laws can be found here 

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