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Dog Warden

Dog Warden

Our office works under the legislation of the Control of Dogs Act 1986 and 1992, which gives us the responsibility for licencing and the control of dogs as part of Mayo County Council. 

We have the authority to appoint Dog Wardens, provide Dog Shelters for stray and unwanted dogs, seize dogs, impose on the spot fines and take court proceedings against dog owners.  

Dog owners must be mindful that with ownership comes responsibility and you are liable for injury or damage caused by your dog to people or livestock.  Owning a dog means that you must feed, house, care for your pet and purchase a dog licence. 

Dog licences can be purchased online or at your local post office and it is now the law to have your dog microchipped and the microchip registered on an approved database.   

An information leaflet has been compiled which covers all aspects of responsible dog ownership and looking after your dog. You can view these leaflets at the following links: Responsible Dog Ownership (English) and Úinéireacht Fhreagrach Madraí (Gaeilge)

If you are thinking about getting a dog / puppy from February 1, 2020, new regulations came into effect. Please remember that owning a dog is a long-term commitment and one that should be thought about thoroughly.  

All advertisements for the sale or supply of pet animals must include certain minimum information about the pet and the seller or supplier.  If the pet is a dog, the ad must include its microchip number. 

Apply for a Dog Licence here.

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