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Walking Leader Training

Walking Leader Training is primarily aimed at people wishing to lead a walking group or promote walking in the community or workplace.

The course comprises of a one day training delivered by the Irish Heart Foundation, a follow up 4 week walking programme to try out your new walking leader’s skills.

If you are interested in Walking Leader Training then contact Deirdre Donnelly on 094 9064386 or email:  and we will let you know when the training becomes available

Course content:

  • Current physical activity guidelines for adults and how they relate to walking
  • The main elements of a health-enhancing walking session
  • Prescribing walking programmes suitable for people of different fitness levels
  • Advice on issues such as posture, technique, stretching, intensity, clothing, etc.
  • Safety issues and rick assessment
  • Planning walking sessions and programmes
  • How to start your own walking group
  • Practical Walking Sessions

***Please Note: Before committing to the training, it is important to remember that the aim of each course is to have a panel of trained leaders ready to implement their skills in their own communities. We will therefore expect all participants to organise walks on a regular basis after the course has ended. ***

Courses are held from time to time so please click here Courses & Events Calendar

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