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Mayo County Council Community Funding Schemes

Mayo County Council (MCC) recognises that in the administration of Community Grants and subsidies they are provided with a strategic opportunity to work in partnership with community groups, organisations and individuals to strengthen community capacity and to create a more liveable and inclusive county.

The downloadable leaflet below summarises several schemes that are available to community groups through Mayo County Council from a variety of national and local sources.

These include:

  • Municipal Districts (Discretionary Funding)
  • Members allocation
  • Town and Village Renewal    
  • Clár Funding
  • Community Enhancement Programme        
  • Tourism Grants          
  • Sports Grants 
  • Arts Acts Grants        
  • Other Arts Supports  
  • Environment Grants  
  • Environment Campaigns       
  • Healthy Ireland Fund 
  • Creative Ireland         
  • LEADER Rural Development Programme      
  • For LEADER Developmental support
  • Marine/ Costal Communities
  • National Communities Day   
  • Digital Innovation Grants      
  • Heritage Grants Summary     
  • Heritage Grants individual Schemes 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact council staff and other key organisations when planning projects. Staff can help and advise (subject to resources) in a range of planning and project management matters.

Contact details in relation to each scheme are available under scheme details in Section 3 of the leaflet.

To download the leaflet please see below.

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