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Vacant Homes

Options for Vacant Homes and their Owners

  • Are you aware of a vacant home in your area? 

    If you are aware of vacant home/homes in your area you can anonymously log details of same on 

  • Are you an owner of a vacant property? 

    When you own a vacant home it can be difficult to work out the options that are open to you to bring it back to use. 

    Mayo County Council are seeking to acquire suitable properties throughout Mayo to provide housing and achieve our targets under the Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan.  

  • Benefits in bringing a vacant home back to use. 
    • Increase the capital value of your property. 
    • Long term investment potential of a properly maintained dwelling. 
    • Increased sales potential. 
    • Property secured from vandalism/anti-social behaviour. 
    • Provision of homes to those in need of housing. 


    Bringing Back Homes – Manual for the Reuse of Existing Buildings 

    This manual has been developed to support and facilitate the reuse of older/vacant buildings in our towns and cities for residential use. The manual provides clarity on the application of the current regulatory requirements to common existing building types and guidance on how best to facilitate their reuse. 

  • Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant: Croí Cónaithe (Towns) Fund

    The Croí Cónaithe (Towns) Fund is a fund that is to be delivered by local authorities. The aim of the fund is to provide new choices for people to live in towns and villages. Initially the fund is for the provision of a grant to support the refurbishment of vacant properties, with priority given to areas where the level of vacancy or dereliction is high.

    Under the scheme all locations across the County are eligible – villages, towns and rural locations.

    A grant of up to a maximum of €50,000 will be available for the refurbishment of vacant properties for occupation as a principal private residence. As of May 2023 the grant has been expanded to include those who wish to refurbish a property and make it available to rent. A maximum top-up grant amount of up to €20,000 will be available where the property is confirmed by the applicant to be derelict (i.e. structurally unsound and dangerous) bringing the total grant available for a derelict property up to a maximum of €70,000.

    To find out more about the fund and the criteria involved please click here or contact the Vacant Homes Officer for Mayo County Council on

  • Repair and Leasing Scheme

    The Repair & Lease Scheme is intended for owners of vacant homes who cannot afford, or access, the finance required to bring vacant properties up to the standard required for rental. 

    Owners of houses/apartments or bedsits that have been vacant for a year or more and which needs repairs to bring the property to the required standard for rented properties can express an interest in a scheme with their local authority. 

    If a property requires repairs, a local authority or Approved Housing Body (AHB) will pay for repair work upfront to a max of €60,000 inclusive of VAT. In return the property must be made available for social housing for a period of at least 5 years under a direct lease or a Rental Availability Agreement (RAA). 

  • Buy & Renew Scheme 

    The Buy and Renew Scheme is a companion to the Repair and Lease Scheme, as it provides the option for suitable properties to be purchased rather than leased by a Local Authority. 

    In essence you would be selling your home to the Local Authority. A particular focus of the scheme is on older vacant homes to help tackle the problem of dereliction and improve the appearance of the community. 

  • Long-Term Leasing 

    The Long-Term Leasing initiative may be an option for you if you own a house or apartment that is vacant and in good condition. Leasing your property under this scheme takes the uncertainty out of being a landlord for terms of 10-20 years. It is also financially viable with a guaranteed rental income of 80% of the market rent each month. 

    • Some of the benefits to the owner of this option are; 
    • No management of tenants. 
    • No rent or arrears collections. 
    • No day-to-day maintenance of the property. 
    • No advertising or administration fees. 
  • Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) 

    The Housing Assistance Payment is a form of social housing support provided to those who qualify for assistance and have long-term housing need. Under the scheme, payments are made on behalf of tenants directly to the landlord subject to maximum rent limits.  

    Benefits of HAP as an owner of a property are: 

    • Direct electronic payment monthly. 
    • No need for rent collection 
    • 100% tax relief on mortgage interest, as an expense against rental income. 

    Note: Homeless HAP is similar to HAP but differs in that it provides discretion to exceed the HAP rent limits for homeless households. 

  • Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) 

    The Rental Accommodation Scheme  is an initiative to cater for people who are in receipt of rent supplement and living in the private rented sector for 18 months or more. Local Authorities enter direct contracts with landlords for their properties for medium to long term periods.  

    Some of the benefits to owners are; 

    • Prompt payments directly from the Local Authority for the duration of the RAS contract. 
    • Landlords can get paid if the property is vacant between tenancies. 
    • 100% tax relief on mortgage interest, as an expense against rental income. 
  • Who Should I Contact? 

    If you wish to discuss your options further, you should contact the Vacant Homes Office;  

    Vacant Homes
    c/o Housing Office 
    College House 
    Station Road 
    Co. Mayo 
    F12 V126 

    Phone: +353 (0) 94 9064741


    Alternatively, you can contact the Vacant Homes Unit at 

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