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Tenant Information 

Rights & Responsibilities  

Responsibility for the maintenance of rented Council dwellings is shared between the Council and the Tenant.   Generally, the Council is responsible for maintenance of the structure of the house, while the tenant is responsible for all internal fixtures, fittings and materials.   

Maintenance Issues 

Prior to reporting maintenance issues, the Tenant is advised to consult the full listing of the breakdown of maintenance responsibilities provided in the Tenants Handbook.  

Maintenance issues reported to the Council are categorised as emergency or routine and are prioritised for action on this basis.  

Transfer Application 

Where a tenant has been in their rented dwelling for at least 2 years, and subject to satisfying other eligibility conditions, they may apply for a transfer from their current dwelling.   

There are strict criteria set down in the Scheme of Letting Priorities regarding eligibility for a transfer – generally, a tenant will only be eligible if applying on the grounds of over-crowding, down-sizing, or medical/compassionate grounds.  Other conditions must be met, such as the tenant having a clear rent account, and good tenancy record.   

A tenant may apply for a house transfer by requesting an application form from the Housing Unit of their local Municipal District, which will then be assessed by the Housing Liaison Officer and Housing Officer, and a decision notified in writing. 

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