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Governance & Democracy

Register of Electors

In order to be able to vote at an election or referendum, your name must be entered on the Register of Electors at the address in which you ordinarily reside.

We prepare a new Register of Electors for Mayo each year. This was published on 1st February, coming into force on the following 15th February, 2022.   The Register is available for inspection at all Post Offices, Garda Stations, Libraries and County Council Offices and online at from 1st February.

Everyone aged 18 years or over on the day the Register comes into force is entitled to be included and your citizenship status determines at which elections you can vote. For this reason, we ask for your citizenship status when you register to vote. 

The right to vote is as follows: 

  • Irish citizens may vote at every election and referendum 
  • British citizens may vote at Dáil and Local Elections only following Brexit
  • Other EU citzens may vote at European and Local Elections only 
  • Non - EU citizens may vote at Local Elections only

It is planned to introduce a new electoral process during 2022 and a publicity campaign will commence once the new electoral legislation is passed into law.  The new process will require extra information from all electors to include Date of Birth, PPSN and Eircode.  You can provide this information now for you and all residents at your address who are aged 18 years of age and over by sending an email to

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