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Register of Electors

Change of Address

My address has changed.  How do I let you know? 

You have two options:

  1. Log on to and choose Confirm or update online, select your local authority, key in your townland/street name/housing estate, check your records and Complete your record, key in PPSN, Date of Birth, Eircode, current name and address and former name and address, contact number (optional) and email address and Submit your online application.
  2. You can apply by completing an ERF1 Application.  If you include your PPSN and date of birth, your identity can be verified by your local authority.  If you have not provided a PPSN, or if your local authority cannot match your PPSN, take this form and your photographic identification (ID) to your local Garda station or your local authority. Wait to sign the form until you are with a member of the Garda Sioch├ína or a member of the civilian staff of the Garda Sioch├ína or an official of your local authority. They will check your ID document. If satisfied, they will confirm your identity and see you sign this form. They are a witness.  All completed forms should be returned to your local authority office.
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