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How Safe Valentine's Day Driving will Prevent You from Breaking Anyone’s Heart this Valentines Day

Date: 10-02-2021

How Safe Valentine’s Day Driving will Prevent You from Breaking Anyone’s Heart this Valentines Day

On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, the day which is traditionally dedicated to love, the road safety officials in County Council’s all around the Country continue their campaign towards road safety by conveying the following message to all road users.

While Valentine’s Day traditionally focuses on couples showing love to one another all across the world, there is one relationship that often is neglected-to fellow road users so balloons in shape of love hearts will be seen on roads all over Ireland over the next few days.

As local authorities we urge everyone to show respect on our roads, sharing this love by being courteous and considerate to other road users, be they drivers, bikers ,cyclists, passengers or pedestrians.

Balloons in the shape of love hearts will be erected at different locations around the Country to remind road users in a light hearted way to share our roads and get on in these trying times.

Road safety officer Noel Gibbons said: “We’re doing everything we can to make our roads safer and we’ve made significant progress in recent years but we have a lot to do yet. But last year we saw an increase in the number of cyclists 10 (25% INCREASE ON 2019) and pedestrians 32 ( 19% INCREASE ON 2019)  killed on our roads , with more people out walking and cycling we are asking motorists to please slow down.”

Respect should continue beyond this day and every day, we should all do our part when using the roads.

Showing respect entails driving carefully and attentively, caring about our children, having them properly seated with their seats belts on, giving mobiles a break, observing road regulations and paying attention when crossing the roads.

Show respect on our roads. #loveroadusers

Sergant James Malone roads policing unit Castlebar said “Drivers on mobile phones are four times more likely to be involved in a collision, so it’s important we really engage with all drivers. We want to make them aware of the dangers of bad driving and also empower passengers not to get into a car with someone who drives in a way that makes them feel unsafe, on a broader level we want all road users no matter what age to show respect towards each other and in doing so reduce road deaths on our roads. If your distracted you won’t see that cyclist or pedestrian”

Road safety advocate Mr Phil Skelton said “With the ever increasing amount of bicycle riders on the road, I would particularly ask drivers to pay special attention to the RSA’s safe passing ad.

The appeal is not just to give people on bicycles a minimum passing distance when overtaking, but to also slow down when doing so.

On this St. Valentine’s Day and everyday, let’s all get home safely to our loved ones.”

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