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Active Travel

Active Travel does not just have great benefit for our planet, it also has great benefits for our people & communities.

What is Active Travel

Active Travel is defined as travelling with purpose, using your own energy. Communiting to work or the shops by walking or cycling is an example of active travel.

The aim of Active Travel is to provide alternative safe ways of getting to places with a specific emphasis on the the mode of transport used and infrastructure required. The primary mode of active travel transport is walking, wheeling (non motorised) or cycling.

Why Actively Travel

  • Environmental Sustainability - Protecting our Environment for Future Generations .The National Sustainable Mobility Policy and the Climate Action Plan along with other Government policies have given a commitment to reducing all greenhouse gases by 51% by 2030. To achieve the targets set out in these policies and to provide for a more sustainable environment the Government have tasked the National Transport Authority (NTA)  to deliver in conjunction with all Local Authorities a wide range of Active Travel Infrastructure measures aimed at addressing current and future traffic and environmental challanges.
  • Safer School Drop Off via Safe Routes to School Programme . The Safe Routes to School Programme is a partnership between An Taisce, the NTA and Local Authority. It aims to improve the walking / cycling routes to and from schools therefore reducing traffic congestion outside of the gates which in turn makes the access to the school safer and reduces air pollution.
  • Active Travel is convenient, inclusive & promotes positive health benefits and is a more economical way of community. Once such financial measure is through the employee tax incentive scheme, Cycle to Work.               
  • By improving cycling and pedestrian infrastructure under the NTA's Investment Programme-Sustainable Transport Measures Grant and the Safe Route to School Programme provides our citizens with a well connected, well designed and safe pedestrian /cycle network which promotes sustainable development of our environment while also enhancing the attractiveness of the County as a place in which to live, work, invest in and enjoy.

Mayo County Council under the guidance of the NTA are committed to promoting active travel throughout the County through communication, public participation, project development and infrastructure.


The Active Travel Unit can be contacted via

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