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Architecture at the Edge issues open call for entries

Date: 30-06-2022

The Architecture at the Edge, AATE Festival has issued a call for entries for the 2022 event, which promises an exploration of the theme “repair” through a wide range of events between 01 – 09 October 2022.

The 2022 AATE Festival aims to connect with as many people as possible, in ways that demonstrate architecture’s relevance to Galway City, County Galway and County Mayo and its diverse communities. The repair theme will explore how communities and visitors to the city & counties can be active participants in its growth and evolution – from reinterpreting or redesigning familiar places and spaces through drawing, to testing interactive forms of consultation and planning for future development.

For 2022 AATE aims to encourage and develop other voices in event organisation, exhibition production, curation, writing and cultural leadership in Ireland to support its public programme - expanding the practice of architecture.

AATE is open to anyone with an interest in a progressive future for architecture and the built environment. Working with close assistance from the AATE production team, and with a small self-directed budget, AATE invites contributions from event producers/arts organisations in submissions of new cultural work for the AATE Festival 2022 core programme in October, responding to this year’s thematic provocation.

The Architecture at the Edge Festival is an annual public celebration of architecture and the built environment. The Festival programme will feature talks, tours, workshops and events organised by some of Ireland’s leading architectural, cultural and academic institutions alongside practising architects, designers, curators and community groups from around the west of Ireland.

The theme of Repair is an invitation to broaden the collective imagination regarding the spaces of everyday life.  Recent events such as the pandemic has highlighted inequalities in our urban areas, the inadequate segments in a state of disuse and disrepair.  An architecture of repair can replenish these areas and create new cultural hotspots, encouraging activity and creating vibrant and healthy mixed-use environments.

Architecture at the Edge director Frank Monahan said: “Acts of repair are necessary for the  successful development of our villages, towns and cities, and the AATE Festival 2022 is a fantastic opportunity for many different people and organisations to come together and demonstrate architecture’s relevance to the communities in which we live’.

“We will be posing challenging questions in lively and interesting ways.  The Open Call searches for visionary ideas and examples on how to repair: What are the practical, architectural, and social features of our communities in need of repair?  How can new urban areas become more diverse and socially and environmentally sustainable?  There is actually a need to rethink the construction and production of things.  We need an outline, an open work, for the repair of our villages, towns and cities, our homes, and our social relations.  The 2022 Festival will be an exciting opportunity to explore how people and communities can address those issues together”

Proposals are now also being invited for potential stand-alone events, as well as practices wishing to take part in the successful ‘Open House’ strand of the Festival, which will include landscape architects for the first time.  Information and application forms for potential AATE Festival 2022 partners are available from the AATE website:  The call for entries is open to all until 11 July 2022.

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