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Apply for Social Housing

Social Housing 

Mayo County Council are the main providers of accommodation for people who need housing. You must be in genuine need of housing and be unable to provide accommodation from your own resources. You must be accepted by the us as needing housing. Houses are allocated to applicants in order of priority, taking all circumstances into account. 

How do I apply for Social Housing? 

Complete the Application form for Social Housing and return to your local area housing office. 

What happens when I apply? 

If you are assessed by Mayo County Council as needing social housing support, you are then placed on our housing waiting list. As dwellings become available for letting, applicants are allocated from the waiting list in accordance with the council's social housing allocation scheme and taking account of all the relevant circumstances.  

You may specify three areas where you would like to live, but you should remember that if you choose a popular area, you may wait longer for an offer of housing than if you choose a less popular area. 

If you are offered a house you do not want, you can refuse it. However, two refusals of reasonable offers of social housing over a 12-month period will result in a household not being considered by the housing authority for the allocation of a dwelling, for a period of one year. 

Local authority housing is unfurnished. If you are offered a local authority home, you may be eligible for help from the community welfare service. Contact the Community Welfare Officer for more information about this. 

Application Forms

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