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Mayo Fire Service

Licence Applications

Mayo Fire Service is a notifiable body as part of the planning process for premises licence applications and large crown events at various venues/ locations around the County.  

As a notice party to many types of licence applications Mayo Fire Service is requested to carry out inspections of premises and to provide a comment to the court in relation to licence applications. 

For more information about the types of notifications the Fire Service receives, and the notification periods required please download the Notification Requirements Table for Licensing

The following links are to the relevant legislation that applies: 

Licensing of Indoor Events Act 2003 

Planning and Development Act, 2000 – S.I. No. 30 

Planning and Development (Licensing of Outdoor Events) Regulations, 2001 – S.I. No. 154    

Codes of Practice 

Technical Guidance Document B - Fire Safety (2006)  

Code of Practice for the Management of Fire Safety in Places of Assembly

Code of Practice for Fire Safety of Furnishings and Fittings in Places of Assembly(1989) 

Code of Practice for Fire Safety and Indoor Concerts 1998

Guide to Fire Safety in Existing Nursing Homes and Similar Type Premises (1996) 

Guide to Fire Safety in Flats, Bedsitters and Apartments(1994)

Guide To Fire in Guest Accommodation 

Guide to Fire Precautions in Existing Hotels, Guesthouses and Similar Premises 

Fire Safety in Gaeltacht Households Accommodating Foghlaimeoiri Gaeilge

Fire Safety in Preschools(1999)

Fire Safety in Hostels(1998)

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