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Environment, Climate Change & Agriculture

Sustainability and Conservation

Mayo County Council works tirelessly to improve our biodiversity and natural habitats. We are very proud of our landscape. We have 10 blue flag and 7 Green Coast beaches, and Ballycroy National Park, Irelands only Wilderness Park. We are also proud to host Ireland’s only Darks Skies park. Examples of other Sustainability and Conservation initiatives undertaken in 2019 include: 

Biodiversity and Pollinators 

Mayo County Council signed up to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan in May 2019. The council have undertaken many pollinator friendly projects. One such project is the working on protecting “The Beautiful Blonde Bombshell from Belmullet” Irelands most endangered Bee. 

Coastal protection – Bertra 

Mayo County Council are part of 'Bertra and its Environs' Working Group with its aim to create a framework that integrates relevant stakeholders (Mayo Co Co, CARO - ASBN, NPWS, Murrisk Development Association, immediate and wider community members) in the sustainable management of Bertra's beach-dune system and wider landscape.  

The end goal of this working group is to develop an adaptive co-management approach for this area which will result in a firm Climate Action plan that is strategic and evidence-based which is tailored towards the specific future development needs and pressures this community faces. 


Mayo County Council has planted and enabled the planting of thousands of trees around Mayo in 2019 through schemes such as the Native Woodland schemes and the Neighbourhood scheme. 

A student was employed by Mayo County Council to undertake an exploratory analysis of Mayo farmers attitudes towards the one-hectare afforestation initiative. This has in turn led to research on Forestry in Mayo - The aim of the project is to explore the benefits of trees and hedgerows from an environmental (climate and biodiversity), economic, recreational, land-use and tourism viewpoint. The project also aims to determine and map potential areas for further planting throughout the county and the potential environmental benefits associated with it.  

Sustainable Agriculture Strategy 

In May 2019 Mayo County Council in conjunction with its partners launched “A Sustainable Agricultural Strategy for Mayo”. This strategy is the first of its kind nationally and lays out a road map for how local farmers can grow sustainably while helping protect the environment. 

A sustainable Agricultural Strategy for Mayo

Food Waste and Farming Doc 

Dark Skies

Mayo County Council are working together with Mayo Dark Skies to develop a light pollution policy for Co. Mayo. To learn about Lighting and Light Pollution in Mayo please see the presentation given by Prof. Brian Espey of Trinity College Dublin and Georgia MacMillan of Mayo Dark Skies to the Environment SPC and staff of Mayo County Council.

Lighting and Light Pollution Presentation (PDF)

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