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The public sector is leading the way for energy efficiency in Ireland. Every public service organisation is required to achieve a 33% energy efficiency improvement by the end of 2020 in line with the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2009. 

Mayo County Council aim to demonstrate leadership to all other sectors of the economy in reducing our national energy use by being committed to reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption to meet the targets set. 



Mayo County Council is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption in line with the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2009 to meet the energy usage reduction of 33% by 2020 and building the foundations to meet the new target of 50% energy efficiency improvement by 2030, set by the Local Authority Climate Action Charter.

As of 2018 we have improved reduced our usage by 27% and are confident of further reductions for 2019. One of a number of actions undertaken by Mayo County Council to achieve this is the installation of an 84kW solar PV array on Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, the largest Local Authority ORV array in the country. The 301 PV panels will provide over 11% of Aras an Chontae’s electricity usage and will offset over 30,000kg of CO2 per year. 

The installation of the PV panels is one of many energy efficiency projects undertaken by Mayo County Council. Other projects include the retrofitting of public lighting to LEDs, as of November 2019 22% of Public Lighting is LED, installation of EV charge points in council carparks, working towards ISO 50001 Energy Management certification and an energy awareness campaign within the council.

Mayo County Council has committed, through a signed Energy Policy by the Chief Executive and including Green Procurement strategy will ensure continuous energy efficiency improvements, that we meet the 2020 target and continue to reduce our carbon footprint into the future.  

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