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Siobhan Carney

Mayo connection?

I was born in County Mayo and lived in Kiltimagh until I emigrated to the US 15 years ago.

Where in the world are you now?

I live in New Jersey and work in New York City where I am the Policy Director at an Institute within the City University of New York - Institute for State & Local Governance (ISLG). ISLG is a good governance think-and-do-tank. I work with policymakers across New York City and State - mostly on issues relating to the criminal legal system, police reform, environmental justice, non-profit management and social service delivery. I also work with elected officials and their Chiefs of Staff, building core competencies in leadership and management, community engagement and policy-making. 

What you love and miss about the County?

County Mayo is my home, and always will be! I have a deep respect for Mayo's history, culture, landscape and people and the pride-of-place that runs through the veins of everyone from County Mayo - even those who, like me, have become part of the large Mayo Diaspora living across the globe. I miss being directly involved in the strong commitment to community engagement that I experienced and still witness (over social media) taking place across the small towns of County Mayo. 

What you think of Home to Mayo?

I have long admired Mayo CoCo's commitment and leadership in engaging its Mayo Diaspora and keeping us all connected to our home. Initiatives like this are even more important at a time where we have all experienced isolation from a global pandemic. 

Plans to come home?

I spent Christmas in Kiltimagh and plan to visit, once again, this summer! 

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