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Aideen Kane

Where in the world are you now?

I live in New York with my family, we moved here 8 years ago from Carrowmore Lacken in Co Mayo. I am a documentary filmmaker and even though most of my work is US based I am in touch with a lot of Irish filmmakers helping them navigate the US funding and distribution landscape.

What you love and miss about the county?

People. We have great friends there.  I miss the Paul Henry skies. The silvery light in winter. The cacophony of colours in the fields when silage is being cut. The long summer evenings with the swallows darting about. The smell of a turf fire in the cold air of a spring morning. The sound of waves crashing on the back strand at Lacken.

What you think of Home to Mayo?

Part of me doesn't want the rest of the world to discover the wild beauty of Mayo but really we have more than enough to share. 

Plans to come home?
We are back and forth as often as we can and we are hoping to eventually split our time between New York and Mayo.

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