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Keel Beach

Keel (Strand) Blue Flag Beach is located in the north west of Achill Island and is reknowned for watersports most especially board, wind and kyte surfing using the westerly winds blowing in from the Wild Atlantic.

It is one of the rarest wildlife habitats in Europe. It is a priority 'Annex I' habitat listed on the EU Habitats Directive, which means it is afforded special protection and conservation.

Keel Strand, also known as Trawmore Strand, connects the villages of Keel with Dookinelly and offers fantastic views of the famous Minuan Cliffs at its eastern end. This beach is popular with surfers who enjoy the rolling Atlantic breakers, while bathers can swim safely at its western end. The beach is lifeguard patrolled during the bathing season and more information can be found on the notice board at the beach.

To the back of the sandy beach is a storm beach formed from boulders and shingle thrown onshore during storms. This barrier of rocks separates the beach from the low lying area of flat ground behind, which includes the area occupied by Achill Golf Club.

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