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Mayo Fire Service

Upper Tier Seveso Sites (European Refreshments/ Bellanaboy Gas Terminal)

European Union Directive 2012/18/EU applies to industrial establishments where dangerous substances are held in quantities above specified threshold limits.

The aim of the directive, referred to as Seveso III, is the prevention of major accidents involving dangerous substances and the limitation of the consequences for humans and the environment if such accidents occur.

The directive, implemented in Ireland through the Chemicals Act (Control of Major Accident Hazards involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations 2015 (S.I. No. 209 of 2015) requires Local Competent Authorities prepare an External Emergency Plan for establishments categorised as Upper Tier Seveso Sites.  The purpose of an external emergency plan is to detail arrangements for co-ordinating off-site action and resources to assist in an effective and co-ordinated response in the event of a major accident / incident or an uncontrolled event which could be reasonably expected to lead to a major accident.

There are 2 Upper Tier Seveso Sites in Mayo:

  1. European Refreshments t/a Ballina Beverages, Killala Road, Ballina, Co. Mayo
  1. Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Terminal, Bellanaboy Bridge, Ballina, Co. Mayo


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