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Accounts Payable

We are responsible for the processing of all payments made by Mayo County Council. 

If you have or are about to provide Mayo County Council with goods or services, the following is information you should know before you submit your invoice: - 



  • Format of your invoice
    • Clearly outline your Supplier Name & Address 
    • Date the Invoice 
    • Address it clearly to “Accounts Payable Section, Mayo County Council, Aras an Chontae, Castlebar, Co Mayo, F23 WF90. 
    • It must have a valid Mayo County Council Purchase Order Number relevant to the goods or services quoted on the invoice.  
    • Each invoice should have a unique Invoice Number. 
    • The invoice should have an accurate description and quantity of the goods/services provided. 
    • Where relevant, Invoice to include the notation “VAT on this supply to be accounted for by the Principal Contractor” (See Relevant Contracts Tax Section)
    • EX VAT, VAT Amount & Rate of VAT to be shown separately on the invoice. 
    • VAT No./Tax No./Charity No to be quoted on invoice or if applicable, a statement advising that you are not VAT Registered, to be included on the invoice. 
    • Where applicable, the Request for Tender (RFT) number to be stated on the invoice. 

    Invoices received, that do not contain the above information, will be returned to the Supplier. 


  • Submitting your invoice

    Valid invoices should be emailed to or you can send it by post to the address mentioned above. 


  • Tax Compliance

    Suppliers must be Tax compliant.  Suppliers with relevant payments exceeding €10,000 in any twelve-month period are required to furnish the details needed to allow the Council to verify the Supplier’s tax clearance i.e. Tax Clearance Access Number (CTAN) 


  • When to expect payment

    Once a valid invoice is received in Accounts Payable, we endeavour to pay it within 15 days. 


  • Method of Payment

    Mayo County Council’s preferred method of payment is by means of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). In exceptional circumstances payments will be made by Paying Order (cheque) at the discretion of the Council. 


  • Notification of payment

    We will email a remittance advice to the email address you provided on the supplier set up form. Where a payment is made by Paying Order, the Remittance Advice is attached. 


  • Prompt payment of accounts

    If an invoice is not paid within 30 days and the invoice has not been disputed, we will pay late payment compensation and interest in accordance with the Prompt Payment of Accounts Act 1997 and subsequent legislation. 

    These payments will appear on your remittance advice as the invoice number followed by PP COMP and PP INT .

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