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Water Services

Taking in Charge of a Group Water Scheme by Irish Water

Irish Water have established standards and procedures to allow for the taking in charge of a group water scheme. A scheme may apply to be taken in charge by Irish Water via Mayo County Council. A grant, for necessary upgrade works, to allow for the takeover, may be made available on review by Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, through the Multi-Annual Rural Water Programme (MARWP).

Further information in relation to a scheme being taken in charge by Irish Water, along with the relevant data required and application forms, can be viewed and are available for download by clicking:

IW – Taking in Charge Basic Standards for GWS
IW – Taking in Charge Application Form for GWS
IW – Taking in Charge Connection Schedule for GWS
Rural Water – Takeover Consent Form
Rural Water – Wayleave Agreement

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