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Future Earth Coasts

Future Earth Coast

“Future Earth Coasts is a Global Research Network of Future Earth, a platform for translating sustainability knowledge into action that includes a number of United Nations agencies, intergovernmental bodies and organisations such as the International Council for Science” (Future Earth Coast, n.d.)

A rich research community stands behind Future Earth Coast, monitoring, researching, and advancing knowledge in understanding oceans and coasts and how they are changing. The COAST project has adopted the Future Earth Coast approach which aims to

- Facilitate open and inclusive platforms for observing and monitoring the status, trends and thresholds of coastal change

- Identifying tools and methodologies that promote processes of assessment and evaluation that lead to transformative sustainable pathways for well-being and development

- Evolving innovative means of communication that illustrate global environmental change (Future Earth Coast, 2018, pg. 4)

Utilising the Future Earth Coast approach, the aim of COAST was to undertake research with easily affordable innovative solutions, such as drones, to enable coastal communities to monitor and evaluate their regional resources, e.g., seaweed or natural and built coastal heritage.

In the context of the COAST project, COAST project partners have ensured that the undertaken research took place in partnership and to the benefit of coastal communities. In addition to written reports, COAST has also ensured that other means of accessing information (via films and community meetings) are available. The outputs of COAST are openly accessible via this toolbox and can be found at

“Future Earth Coasts acknowledge and pay our respects to the Traditional Owners and the Elders past, present, and emerging throughout the world’s coastal zones and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. They hold the memories, traditions, cultures, and hopes of Indigenous People around the world.” (Future Earth Coast, n.d.)

Reference: Future Earth Coast (n.d.), Home.

Future Earth Coast (2018). Strategy for Research 2018-2028. MaREI Centre for Energy, Climate, and Marine.




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