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24 May 2022


Introduction to Bioregioning

In the Westfjords, Maria, from the Coast project, had the opportunity to join a workshop around bioregionalism with the COBALT network from the US. The proposed project “Story of Place: Co-creating a Bioregional Macroscope” involved gathering interested individuals to form an Iceland-specific bioregioning group, identifying a geographical area of focus and undergoing several months of workshop sessions in order to better see and understand its environmental and governance systems and to identify potential future avenues of sustainable governance. Originally intended for locals to participate, circumstances and timing dictated that the Westfjords group finally consisted of seven scholars and sustainability practitioners, both within and outside of Iceland. Nevertheless, the Westfjords bioregional team was able to work together, investigate governance and engage local knowledge holders in the project of bioregioning. Additionally, a learning journey through the Westfjords was undertaken in the autumn of 2021. Read more about it here


COBALT Bioregional Learning Journey: Westfjords, Iceland from COBALT Network on Vimeo.

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