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Heritage & Conservation

Mayo's Hedgerows

Mayo’s hedgerow network is a major asset to the county, and is uniquely valuable in terms of agriculture, enhancing the landscape, providing a haven for wildlife, maintaining and improving water quality, sequestering carbon, supporting tourism and providing employment.

Hedgerows line many of our roads and laneways, framing our passage through much of the countryside, and in certain areas give the impression of a timeless tunnel through an ageless wooded landscape. Our hedgerow network is an important part of the cultural history and heritage of the county. 

Mayo’s Hedgerow’s with its many interesting facts about hedgerows and its guidance on hedgerow establishment and management will be of benefit and interest to landowners, residents, both urban and rural, and visitors alike. 

Mayo's Hedgerows Cover 

Available from the Mayo Heritage Office and local bookshops. 

32pp Softback; Cost €5 + p&p 

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