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Heritage & Conservation

Brackloon – The Story of an Irish Oak Wood

Native woodlands are a valuable part of our heritage, which if lost can never be fully regained. They are among our most beautiful and important habitats, supporting a wide range of plant and animal species, ranging from large majestic oak trees to tiny insects. Often associated with these woodlands are features of historical and archaeological importance. Brackloon Wood is a surviving remnant of the original wooded landscape. 

Throughout the course of its long 10,000 year history it has withstood clearances for agriculture, periods of intense exploitation and, in recent decades, part conversion to a coniferous plantation. This book tells its story, drawing on the results of detailed scientific research, along with historical documentary records. It reminds us of the rich biological and cultural heritage that is associated with our native woodlands. Written for a wide audience, the book highlights the need for continuing conservation and expansion of a priceless national asset.

scanned Brackloon book cover_cropped.jpg

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