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Things You Can Do For Biodiversity

We can all play our part, however small, in protecting biodiversity around us. There are lots of resources and guidance available to help us do this. 

Wildlife in your Garden 

A new booklet to help everyone to help wildlife in their gardens, no matter how big or small, has been launched. Written by Juanita Browne, of the National Biodiversity Data Centre, the booklet was produced by Local Authority Heritage Officers across Ireland, with help from the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Heritage Council. 


Pledge Your Garden for Pollinators

Would you like to pledge your garden for pollinators?

Pledging your garden for pollinators means you have chosen to make it a healthy pitstop for pollinators in the landscape. It is so easy to help!

By taking some simple actions, you will help to provide much-needed food and shelter for our pollinating insects, while creating a beautiful, colourful garden.

A new brochure explains how you can make your garden – big or small – more pollinator-friendly. 

Download the 4-page brochure here

Click here to Pledge Your Garden for Pollinators


Wildlife in your Town and Village  

Our towns and villages can support a surprisingly wide range of wildlife habitats and species of local, or even national, conservation interest. Check out the booklet below to find out more about what you can do to help biodiversity in your community.  

Cover_Conserving and Enhancing Wildlife in Towns and Villages.jpg 


We have prepared Biodiversity Action Plans  for many of Mayo’s towns and villages, which outline specific things in these areas you can do to help biodiversity. 

Other useful resources are available on the Heritage Publications section 

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