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Community and Integrated Development

Mayo's Older Persons Council

Mayo’s Older Persons Council – Supporting Older People in the County

Mayo joined the Age Friendly Cities and Programme in 2013.  This programme developed by the World Health Organisation is designed to help Countries across the world to respond the challenges posed by their ageing population.  One of the actions under this programme is to set up an Older Persons Council.  Mayo’s older persons council was set up in 2016.

What Does Mayo's Older Persons Council Do?

  • Helps people to be active
  • Carries out walkability audits to improve Age Friendliness of our places and buildings
  • Partner with service providers that encourage the participation of older people in their communities
  • Works with younger people to encourage a positive culture around ageing

Who Can Join?

Anyone over the age of 55 can join Mayo’s Older Person Council.  It’s a group of volunteers who meet regularly to discuss issues of concern to older people and try and have these issues address.

Why Join Mayo's Older Persons Council

  • To work with others to generate ideas for new and creative age friendly projects in Mayo
  • To learn about what is happening to improve the lives of older people in the county and to participate in this work.
  • To raise issue of concern to older people and try have these issue addressed
  • To tackle a range of issues from isolation and loneliness to fitness and active ageing.
  • To make Mayo a great county in which to live and to grow old!

You are invited to register your interest in Mayo’s Older Persons Council.  Please email or phone 094-9064735.

The Older People’s Councils provide a means by which older adults can take a more active role in their communities and have their voices heard.

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