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Heritage & Conservation

County Mayo Biodiversity Action Plan

The County Mayo Biodiversity Action Plan aims to raise awareness of and promote the conservation of the natural heritage and biodiversity of the county. 

The Plan:

  • Provides a framework for the conservation of biodiversity at a local level 
  • Helps ensure that national & international targets for biodiversity conservation can be achieved, while at same time addressing local priorities  

A new strategy for the protection, conservation and promotion of Mayo’s biodiversity is currently in preparation.  This strategy will form part of the new County Mayo Heritage Plan 2020 – 2025  currently being developed.

The new Biodiversity Plan will recognise and reflect the challenges posed by climate change for biodiversity and how biodiversity can mitigate its effects. 

County Mayo Biodiversity Action Plan 2010 – 2015 

The first County Biodiversity Plan was adopted by Mayo County Council in November 2010.


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