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Local Area Plan

A Local Area Plan (LAP) is a statutory document which sets out a strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of a specific area within a local authority and for a timescale, as specified by the authority. The plan must consist of a written statement and map or maps, which set out the local authorities’ objectives for the plan area. The objectives contained in a Local Area Plan must be consistent with the objectives of the County Development Plan and must include information on the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the Plan.

A LAP is prepared in accordance with the requirements of Sections 18-20 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, (as amended), and in consultation with local communities, members of the public, service providers, statutory bodies and landowners. The making of a Local Area Plan is a reserved function of Elected Members of the County Council (Councillors). The Members can adopt, amend or revoke the Plan following consideration of any issues raised. 

The requirements of an LAP are set out in the Local Area Plans: Guidelines for Planning Authorities.


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