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Local Area Plan

A Local Area Plan (LAP) is a statutory document which sets out a strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of a specific area within a local authority and for a timescale, as specified by the authority. The plan must consist of a written statement and map or maps, which set out the local authorities’ objectives for the plan area. The objectives contained in a Local Area Plan must be consistent with the objectives of the County Development Plan and must include information on the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the Plan.

A LAP is prepared in accordance with the requirements of Sections 18-20 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, (as amended), and in consultation with local communities, members of the public, service providers, statutory bodies and landowners. The making of a Local Area Plan is a reserved function of Elected Members of the County Council (Councillors). The Members can adopt, amend or revoke the Plan following consideration of any issues raised. 

The requirements of an LAP are set out in the Local Area Plans: Guidelines for Planning Authorities.

Castlebar Town & Environs Local Area Plan 2023-2029 -  Effective from 17th January 2024

The Castlebar Town & Environs Local Area Plan 2023-2029 was formally made by the Elected Members of the Castlebar Municipal District of Mayo County Council on 27th November 2023.  The Plan has effect from 17th January 2024 for a period of 6 years until 2029, save for those items referenced in the section below headed: ‘Draft Ministerial Direction’.

The 2-week public consultation period on the Draft Ministerial Direction on the Castlebar Town & Envions Local Area Plan  2023-2029 commences on 30th January until 13th Februay 2024 inclusive. For all details see

The adopted Castlebar Town & Environs Local Area Plan and Land Use Zoning Map can be found at the following links:

Castlebar Town & Environs Local Area Plan 2023-2029 (Subject to Draft Ministerial Direction)

Land Use Zoning Map

Draft Direction (Minister of State for Local Government and Planning 16th January 2024)

Draft Ministerial Direction

Ministers letter to Chief Executive

On 16th January 2024 the Minister of State for Local Government and Planning issued a

‘Notice of Intention to Issue a Direction’ to the Council under Section 31 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (As Amended). The Notice advises of the Minister’s intention to issue a direction to Mayo County Council to omit certain items contained in the above-noted Plan. The Notice specifically cites the following:

The Planning Authority is hereby directed to take the following steps with regard to the Local Area Plan:

  1. Provide a clear core strategy table which sets out the area and quantum of housing to be delivered on lands zoned Town Centre, Existing Residential and New Residential. Appropriate densities shall be applied to demonstrate anticipated yield.
  1. Reinstate the following zoning objectives and associated text to that of the draft Local Area Plan:
  1. Material Alterations 10, 12, 14 and 21 – i.e. the subject lands revert to Agriculture from New Residential
  2. Material Alterations 13 and 17 – i.e. the subject lands revert to Enterprise & Employment and Agriculture from New Residential
  3. Material Alterations 15 and 18 – i.e. the subject lands revert to Enterprise & Employment from New Residential
  1. Delete the flowing zoning objective from the adopted Local Area Plan, i.e. the subject lands are unzoned:
    1. Land zoned Enterprise & Employment at Cloonagh (Site EE 1) located to the southwest of Saleen Lough and to the immediate east of the rail line.

and apply all necessary consequential updates to the text of the plan consistent with the foregoing.

Draft Direction - Formal Public Consultation 

  • In accordance with the requirements of Section 31(7) of the Act, the Planning Authority must conduct a public consultation on the Minister’s Draft Direction. In this regard, the Authority will publish a statutory notice of the Draft Direction in local newspapers during the week beginning Monday 29th January, 2024, together with a social media campaign to publicise the process. These notices shall include details of where the Draft Direction may be inspected, and how written submissions or observations may be made to the Authority for a period of 2 weeks. This period will run from 30th January 2024 until 13th February 2024 inclusive.
  • Following expiry of the 2 week period and not more than 4 weeks later, a Chief Executive’s Report must then be prepared on the submissions/observations received during the public consultation period. This Report must then be furnished to the Office of the Planning Regulator, the Elected Members and the Minister.

(It should be noted that the abovenoted timelines are as prescribed in the Planning and Development Act and the Authority has no discretion to deviate from them.)

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