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National Marine Spatial Planning Framework

In 2019 the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government produced a Consultation Draft National Marine Planning Framework (NMPF). This is Ireland’s first complete marine spatial plan document. It sets out a vision, objectives and policies to help direct decision-making in the maritime area using a plan-led approach. This Consultation Draft NMPF is an important milestone towards Ireland adopting our national marine spatial plan in 2020, meeting the requirements of the Marine Spatial Planning Directive

The aim of this endeavour is to recognise the increasing pressure on our maritime area and provide a common framework for environmental, social and economic factors to be considered in decision-making ranging from projects, plans and policy. In this way MSP will enable early identification of risks that can then be managed, identify opportunities for mutual benefit through efficient co-use of space, reduce the likelihood of conflict between activities, and steer decision-making at all levels towards sustainable management of Ireland’s marine resources. 

Following adoption of the NMPF in 2020, the Government will be exploring opportunities for the second cycle of MSP that includes the potential for different parts of the maritime area. This will include considering the potential for plans nested within the overall NMPF, providing a higher level of policy detail related to marine management tailored to the needs of a particular area or activity. 

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