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Mayo Maps

We have a wide range of maps of our county, including the impressive Bald map from the early nineteenth century, numerous Ordnance Survey maps, and many estate maps.

  • The Bald Map is a map of the Maritime County of Mayo in 25 sheets commenced in 1809 and terminated in 1817 by William Bald F.R.S.E. Printed in 1830 (scale 2 inches)  
  • We have Ordnance Survey six-inch maps of County Mayo 1839 & 1900 ed. (the 1839 ed. available online) 
  • Recorded Monuments protected under Section 12 of the National Monuments (amendment) Act 1994. County Mayo Archaeological Constraint Maps. Office of Public Works 1999 – available in hard copy. 

Mayo Maps Browser Guide.

General information

Our mapping system allows you search for a place name and to view the selected place in various maps so you can see how it has changed over the years.

It is also linked to the 1901 Census, Griffiths Valuation (1855/56) and the Tourist Surveys from the 1940s (to be added soon) so you can plot holdings and population changes as well as get descriptions of places from the past.

About the Service

Mayo Maps offers an interactive way of using maps and inspecting map features. You can navigate freely between different map and data layers, use search tools, change maps, and choose what kind of data you want to be shown on the map.

Technical requirements

The service has been tested and has been found to be compatable for use with most current browsers and devices.

View the Mayo Maps Browser Service here  

Mayo Maps Browser User Guide

How to use the Mayo Maps Browser.

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