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Business Success Stories

Coca Cola

At home in Mayo

"The Mayo lifestyle helps attract talent” - John McGowan, General Manager, Ballina Beverages 

The biggest brand in the world has a base in Mayo.  Ballina Beverages manufactures the concentrates used to make fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite. These are sold to bottlers on four continents who manufacture the final product for customers all over the world. 

The plant is a major employer in Ballina with a workforce of more than 400 people. The facility also uses the services of a number of contracting companies which employ a further 80 people at the Killala Road Facility. The company is one of the largest freight users of Rail services in Mayo. 

Why Mayo 

“Our decision to locate our business here was based on the excellent support we received from the lDA and the local authorities as well as the availability of a skilled local workforce and a clean natural water source,” said John McGowan, General Manager, Ballina Beverages. 

“Our business has thrived in Mayo and we continue to invest in the development of our operation here.  One of the surprise advantages of the location has been the great lifestyle we can offer employees – something which is becoming a real advantage in attracting potential new talent.” 

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