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A major player in tech retail

“The people of Mayo and the West of Ireland have enabled CBE to develop into a major player within the retail technology sector”  - Ger Concannon, CEO 

Logistics and marketing were two of the driving factors behind the decision of one of Europe’s largest Point of Sale technology providers to locate in Claremorris. 

CBE designs and develops retail software solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors. CBE currently employs 120 people in R&D, software design, systems support, service, sales, marketing and administration. 

“Location is vital to CBE,” said CEO Ger Concannon. “Our target market was Connacht, and Claremorris is at the center of Connacht so, from a service point, it is the ideal location.” 

Established in 1980, CBE is recognised as a pioneer in retail technology innovation. The software applications developed in Claremorris are used by retailers not just throughout Ireland, but the UK, Canada, Australia and Algeria. 

CBE has the capability to support installations anywhere in the world from Claremorris. With a robust, export-led strategy generating significant business success, CBE has major plans to increase its Mayo workforce.    

Why Mayo? 

“The availability of top calibre graduates from the surrounding colleges is very important. We are very fortunate to have Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, NUI Galway, University of Limerick, Limerick IT, Sligo IT and Letterkenny IT all producing highly-educated and efficient graduates that can adapt very quickly to the hi-tech sector that CBE operates in,” said Concannon. 

“From an export perspective we have access to top quality broadband which allows us to remotely support our growing base throughout the globe. Mayo also offers a work/life balance I believe is superior to many parts of Ireland, and indeed many parts of the world. CBE is defined by the quality of its people,” he said. “The people of Mayo and the West of Ireland have enabled CBE to develop into a major player within the retail technology sector.” 

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