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Lahardaun - Ireland's Titanic Village

The tragic tale of a group from the north Mayo village of Lahardane has seen it renamed Ireland’s Titanic Village.

In April 1912 fourteen men and women from Addergoole, in North Mayo, set sail from Queenstown, Cork for a new life in America. Within days, eleven had died in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Their ship, ‘Titanic’, sank on her maiden voyage.

Rural Ireland resounds with tales of emigration, steeped in the traditions of letting go. The small parish of Addergoole in Mayo will never let go of the memory of those fourteen neighbours and friends, eleven of whom perished with that "Ship of Dreams".

The 100th anniversary was marked with a very memorable Irish Titanic Centenary Programme. The Cultural Week, 8th - 15th April 2012, drew some 12,500 people to the small village of Lahardane.

Throughout 2012 the addergoole titanic story was resonated across the globe with TV crews and reporters flocking from all over to capture this moment in history.

The Addergoole Titanic Memorial Park and the stunning Titanic and Emigration themed stained glass windows can be seen in the village of Lahardane.

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