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Noise Complaints 

Noise becomes a nuisance when it is so loud, so continuous, so repeated, of such duration or pitch or occurring at such times as to give reasonable cause for annoyance.  (Ref. Environmental Protection Agency (Noise) Regulations 1994. 

  • Local Authorities have powers under Section 107(1) of the EPA Act of 1992 to serve a notice on any industrial or commercial premises when they consider that it is necessary to do so in order to prevent or limit noise. 
  • With regard to disputes about noise between neighbours, it is recommended that you follow the advice contained in the following documents; 

Noise Action Plan 2018-2023 

County Mayo Local Authorities Noise Action Plan under the Environmental Noise Regulations, 2006 (Statutory Instrument No.140 of 2006). 
County Mayo Local Authorities being the designated Action Planning Authorities under Article 7 of the above Regulations, have prepared a Noise Action Plan 2018-2023 for the sections of major roads in their functional areas that experience a volume of traffic greater than 3 million vehicle passages per year – the N5 and the N17. The plan excludes noise from domestic activities, noise created by neighbours, noise at workplaces or noise inside a means of transport or due to military activities in military areas.  

The Noise Action Plan 2018-2023 may be viewed online by clicking the links below:  

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