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Keep Mayo Wild and Beautiful

Mayo County Council is calling on people who live in Mayo and those who are visiting the County to help ‘Keep Mayo Wild and Beautiful’.  This Public Awareness campaign aims to ensure that residents and visitors to Mayo play their part in keeping this County clean and green.

Over the last number of months, the Council has prepared and implemented measures to assist in the outdoor summer that everyone can enjoy.  Increased litter control measures are in place in locations all around the county including additional bins and additional collections.  Public toilet facilities at our blue flag beaches and amenity areas are open, with additional portable toilets in place in many visitor locations.  Lifeguards are on duty at our beaches, Carrowniskey, Carrowmore, Old Head, Bertra, Ross, Keem, Keel, Silver Strand (Dugort), Mulranny and at Belmullet Tidal Pool.   Our Municipal District Offices continue to work closely and creatively with hospitality businesses to provide outdoor dining facilities in public realm spaces in our towns and villages. 

Mayo County Council will continue to implement measures over the summer months to enhance the visitor experience.  However, we cannot do it on our own.  Individuals playing their part will go a long way to keeping our public parks, beaches and outdoor spaces clean and available.

Keep Mayo Wild and Beautiful is a call to action for the public to play their part.  We are asking those who are visiting beaches, amenity areas and beauty spots and enjoying the outdoors, to take some simple actions to assist us:

  • Take home your litter after picnics and outdoor activity. 
  • In busy periods litter bins and bottle banks fill up fast. If bins are full take away all litter and dispose of it responsibility. Use an alternative facility for your bottles and cans.
  • Clean up after your pet and dispose of dog fouling properly.
  • Park responsibly at public amenities.
  • If you are visiting us in your campervan this summer, ensure you plan ahead.  It is illegal to park overnight at beaches.  Local restrictions may apply to other public car parks and fines can be incurred.
  • Mayo hosts a treasure of beautiful coastal areas for you to enjoy, but always be considerate of nature by sticking to trails and walkways. We all want to protect our sand dunes by not trampling on them.
  • Restrictions may apply to use of barbeques and campfires; if using a barbeque keep it off the ground to avoid damaging vegetation and ensure it is fully extinguished after use.
  • Have a waste free day out! Many businesses welcome the use of reusable cups and are also happy to offer tap water refills.

There are several locations in the County where you can refill water bottles for free. 

Drinking water fountains provided by Mayo County Council are as follows: (Please take note of any drinking water notices that may be in place locally.)

Ballina Swimming Pool ,Cathedral Road, Ballina, F26 RR50

Ballina, Kathleen Lynn Laneway, off O’ Rahilly Street,

Castlebar, Leisure Complex, Lough Lannagh, Knockacroghery, Castlebar, F23 A257

Claremorris Leisure Centre, Dalton St, Claremorris, F12 P667

Claremorris, Clare Lake, Mc Mahon Park, Claremorris.

Moore Hall, Muckloon, Lough Carra.

Westport Leisure Park, James Street, Westport. F28 FN32

These simple actions, if applied individually, will help to ensure that this summer everyone can enjoy our beach and coastal environments in a safe way and that visitors to our world-class amenities will leave nothing behind but their footprints.  Further tips can be found in our brochures in English and Irish.

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