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TikTok Mic Drop Road Safety Competition

Date: 28-02-2022

Road Safety Officers from Local Authorities across the West, North West, Midlands and North East of the country have once again joined forces to launch the second annual TikTok Mic Drop Road Safety competition.

Held in conjunction with iRadio, TikTok Mic Drop enables participants to creatively deliver positive Road Safety messages to their peers and the wider community, communicating the importance of safe road user behaviour to ultimately save lives.

Running from now until March 9th, the competition invites participants to duet on an iRadio presenters road safety performance to win one of six €1,000 prizes for the most creative entries! 

To enter, find iRadio on TikTok @thisisiradio, duet one of the presenters’ performances, mention @thisisiradio and your county’s hashtag.

While 2021 saw the lowest number of road fatalities since records began, there is no room for complacency as the number of driver fatalities increased by 10 and the number of motorcyclist fatalities by 5 since 2020.  

The TikTok Mic Drop campaign challenges all road users to think about what road safety means to them, empowering them to have conversations with friends about making safe choices when they are behind the wheel, on foot, or however they use the road.

The on-air campaign which runs until March 9th is themed around ‘sharing the road safely’ with a focus on the risks posed to all road users by excessive speeding, drink or drug driving or being a passenger with a drunk/drugged driver and the distraction posed by using mobile phones when driving or as a pedestrian.

This innovative challenge is being promoted by 12 local authorities (Kildare, Monaghan, Laois, Longford, Donegal, Cavan, Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Galway City & County, Roscommon) in partnership with iRadio with a whopping prize fund of €6,000.

Entry to the competition is via TikTok, creatively duet one of the presenters’ performances, mention @thisisiradio and your county’s hashtag.  The competition runs until March 9th.

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