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Online Talk With AEMI and Experimental Film/Performance Artist Venus Patel

Date: 11-11-2022

Film Mayo in partnership with aemi will host an online Talk.  In the first part of the talk learn all about aemi and the supports they offer.  In the second part of the talk join experimental film/ performance artist Venus Patel as she guides us through her work.  These talks are aimed at Mayo artists/filmmakers with an interest in experimental filmmaking/moving image.

Date & Time: Monday November 28th, 11am to 1pm
Platform: Online
Cost: Free
Event Description: This two-hour event is designed for artists living in Mayo who are working with the moving image and looking for information and guidance around developing their experimental film practice. 

In the first session from 11am to 12pm aemi co-directors Alice Butler & Daniel Fitzpatrick will introduce the field of artist and experimental film and the various supports offered by aemi to film artists through advisory sessions, Rough Cut events and information clinics. Discussion will also cover funding opportunities primarily through the Arts Council as well as the distinction and overlap between moving image work made for the cinema and visual arts contexts. 

In the second session from 12pm to 1pm award-winning artist and filmmaker Venus Patel will give a short presentation about the trajectory of her work as a film artist which will then be followed by a discussion between Venus and aemi's co-directors. The session will conclude with plenty of opportunity for questions and comments from the attendees. 

aemi bio:

aemi is an Arts Council-funded organisation that supports and regularly exhibits moving image works by artists and experimental filmmakers. aemi is dedicated to expanding audiences for artist & experimental film in Ireland through regular curated programmes in a diversity of contexts. aemi was founded by its co-directors Alice Butler & Daniel Fitzpatrick. aemi provides key supports to Irish and Ireland-based artists through its Affiliate programme, an ongoing national initiative that offers advice and mentoring sessions as well as workshops aimed at developing artist moving image practice. aemi also produces a monthly newsletter which highlights key events and opportunities in this area. To find out more about these supports and to subscribe to our free newsletter visit their artist support page.

Venus Patel bio:

Born in Los Angeles with a BA in Fine Art from TU Dublin (2022), Venus Patel is an experimental film and performance artist. She uses her work to talk about her experience as a trans femme of colour, trying to navigate the world. Through the use of clothing, makeup, and loose gender expression, she encapsulates the campy blend of her queer identity. Coming from a theatre and film background, her art ties into these vast tropes from the past. Venus questions the heteronormative society we live in, why the need to conform is so heavily enforced, and how that affects the perceptions of our self, others, and the world around us. Although her work deals with serious subject matter, she utilizes a unique mix of humour, absurdity, and abjection to create multi-faceted performances and experiences.

She has recently performed and collaborated in the making of “Privilege: The Musical” (2022), and “Hive City Legacy: Dublin” (2022). Her experimental short film “Eggshells”  was selected for the Gaze International Film Festival and won the Taylor Art Award at the RDS Visual Art Awards. 

Booking: e-mail  please send in a short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to be part of this workshop.

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